Pearson Coal Petrography

Fingerprinting your coals, cokes, and carbons

Yearly Archive:2019

Our Chicago Laboratory has moved to Downers Grove

Over the past week, we have been very busy moving our laboratory and equipment to newer facility in Downers Grove. Right next to the Belmont Metra Station.

New address, is 5003 Chase Avenue, Downers Grove, IL, 60515. The phone number remains the same.

American Iron and Steel Society – 2019 Technical Conference

This year the Association for Iron And Steel Technology main event is being held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvannia, 6-9th of May.

Dave Pearson will be presenting our latest research, that was completed with a lot of help from DMT mbH Co. KG based in Essen, Germany. Deciphering coke blends by log-probability (Rosin-Rammler) analyses of coke microtextures, and modeling Anisotropy-Quotients (AQ’s)

We look forward to seeing you at the Conference and Exposition!