Pearson Coal Petrography

Fingerprinting your coals, cokes, and carbons

Company Profile

Pearson Coal Petrography provides microscopic evaluations  of  coking coals, steam coals, metallurgical cokes, and carbons, from state-of-the-art laboratories located in Canada, the United States, and Australia.

The Victoria laboratory, in British Columbia, opened in 1981 to service the coal mines in the Rocky Mountains of western Canada. In February 1998, we opened our first US laboratory, in South Holland, Illinois. This was followed in May 2005, by our Catlettsburg laboratory, in Kentucky which moved to South Charleston, West Virginia in 2016.  Our Australian laboratory which opened in January 2008, is located at the port of Mackay, in tropical central Queensland, Australia.


From the two U.S. locations, we provide automated petrographic technology to the world’s most advanced  heat-recovery coke oven batteries operated by SunCoke Energy: at Haverhill North Coke Company, in Franklin Furnace, Ohio;  at Indiana Harbor Coke Company, in East Chicago, Indiana; and to Middletown Coke Company in Middletown, Ohio.  Our laboratories analyze coking coals and blends that comprise more than 25% of the total US production of metallurgical coke.

Our Chicago laboratory is in west of Chicago in Downers Grove, not too far from ArcelorMittal’s Indiana Harbor plant. The South Charleston laboratory is located in Standard Laboratories head office our major client.