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Fingerprinting your coals, cokes, and carbons

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Pearson Coal Petrography provides microscopic evaluations of coking coals, steam coals, metallurgical cokes, and carbons, from state-of-the-art laboratories located in Canada, the United States, and Australia.

Vitrinite Reflectance

Measurement of mean maximum reflectances, measured in oil of polished surfaces of vitrinite and other macerals present in coal. Using International Standards ASTM D2798, ISO7404-5

Maceral Analysis

Measurement of the maceral composition of coal, using a point count method to determine the volume percent of organic components and mineral matter in coal; as described in International Standards ASTM D2799 and ISO7404-3

Automated Whole Coal reflectance profiling

Developed in-house digital whole coal reflectance measurements of coals to get reflectance profiles that are measured to 0.01% reflectance, quickly and accurately used to compare trains, cargoes, or core samples

Coke Reflectance and Petrography

Bireflectance image analysis aids in the determination of coke components based on optical properties. Measurement based and currently being developed into an ASTM standard.

Oxidation Testing, and Oxidized coals

Oxidized coals specifically due to weathering is often difficult to ascertain. Using a selective dye we can demonstrate weathering clearly, and definitively


Over the years our research has been published in a variety of journals and conference proceedings. Need help finding an old paper or reference of ours, contact us here.

Blend Proportion Analysis

Our blend analysis software is the most sophisticated that we are aware of. Using numerical models of component coals, blend proportions can be determined and modeled to get the best of your coking coal blends.

Fluorescence Imaging Microscopy

Trying to understand the fluidity fluctuations in your coals, or perhaps you have a research project that requires fluorescence images of your coals. We can help.

Sapozhnikov and Gieseler Plastometry

Testing swelling and plastic properties of coals are critical for understanding coking performance of a coal.

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