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Fingerprinting your coals, cokes, and carbons

Blend Proportion Analysis

For blended coking coals, application of probability analysis to vitrinite reflectance data can be used to evaluate mixing-technology and to monitor blend consistency, for improved plant efficiencies. Our proprietary software has been accurately determining proportions of coal blend components at several North American coke oven batteries for over a decade.
Our Quality Control page has more information on our blend proportion analysis technique.

There is also one of our early publications available :Fingerprinting Coking Coals and Blends.

During 2011, we will introduce a new petrographic technique for the  evaluation of blended coals that integrates automated reflectance profiling (Fingerprinting),  with automated fluorescence measurements using Fluoresence Imaging Microscopy. This is demonstrated in the trade show presentation developed for the Bowen Basin Symposium which can be seen under the  “Video” Banner.

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